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FINALLY FINISHED!! The hood was a major pain in the arse but I think it was worth it. Feedback please.Mistake or Not??

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The car is a bit out there but the front shot looks great. The bonnet scoop looks pretty natural the way you incorporated it into the original bonnet. If you love the Zed but want something a little different they you certainly did that. Looks a nice clean car and good paint. I don't mind the odd modification my self as long as it's not over done. I think you have gone to the edge but kept it acceptable to more than 50% of Zed fans.

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I usually dont like that front kit, or billet grills, but the way your looks in the front just looks damn good. Flows really well, one of my favorite Z's out there.

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Too Corvette! Put a custom stocker back on. 280 vented, or something on that order would look good. Cowl induction hoods are the extreme for me(not L88). But that's my opinion. Everyone has there own tastes. If you like it, 'ta hell with my opinion!

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Thanks for the opinions. I accept and appreciate everybodys opinions. Thats what makes life interesting.

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If this is the one I'm thinking of, I saw it on Ebay about 2 months ago going for $45,000. I wish I had that kind of money floating around!

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