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    Dollar Tree =(

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    I have a Datsun 280Z, and I absolutely love it! It needs to be fixed, or shall I say restored, and I've made it my goal to pay for everything myself. It's my car, and noone else's. My father wanted to give it to my brother, who didn't want it, so I more than happily agreed to take it. I've waited years to have it, so now I'm going to do everything I can to make it beautiful and driveable again!

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  1. AmberAngst280

    Another 4WD Z?

    Wow. How could someone jack up a Z? That's horrible! I've seen alot of jacked up cars around here(which all look bad), but this one really tipped the scales. The body is....ok, I guess, but please, PASS THE BUCKET!
  2. AmberAngst280


    Love the tailfin and the rims! Looking sharp! Red is always a nice color for Z's.
  3. AmberAngst280

    The Ghost Rider

    The body was ok, but the nose....not for this car. The color is nice, though.
  4. AmberAngst280

    L-88 HOOD

    This Z is so pretty that I wanted to cry when I saw it. =P And like the others said, where did you find such an awesome hood?
  5. AmberAngst280

    Perfect Z

    That is a downright BEAUTIFUL Z! Red is the perfect color for a Z.
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