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My Dad's new toy with my Z


My Dad is going through a bit of a midlife chrisis, so he bought a 2002 Honda S2000. It is a very excillerating car to drive. It is Suzuka blue with blue leather and it has the factory decklid spoiler and airdam. I won't be driving it very much. He doesn't drive the Z much though either. :)

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"I won't be driving it very much. He doesn't drive the Z much though either."

Ben, That sounds fair to me! When he finnaly breaks down and wants one for himself, tell him you'll help him look. Meanwhile he can amuse himself with that common modern car that Honda made hundreds of thousands of copies

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Ben, I met your Dad and I dont think this is the sign of a mid-life crisis. I think he is done living vicariously through you, and is ready to get out and have some fun on his own...How come you let him buy a HONDA! lolz

Looks like you both are having a great time!

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Hi Ron,

that was a very good deduction that you made. I agree one hundred percent to what you said about why my Dad bought this car.

I let him get the Honda because I wasn't about to let him get a Z3 or a Boxter. I think he is really happy that he bought this car. It is just a hoot to drive. The other two cars would have been fun, but in a neutered kind of way in comparison.

Victor, he eventually wants to buy a Z for himself for the weekends. The S2k is his daily driver. LOL

My Dad thanks you all for the compliments.

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