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Big Sam at Goodwood.


Big Sam in the top paddock ( turn around area ) at the 2005 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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I had mentioned that Victor but I was shot down for suggesting it, replicating a car that's still around. I guess some people don't understand that it's done all the time. It's called a "Clone".

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I understand that it happens, but I also understand that it can make the owner of the *real* car feel a little uneasy.....

Maybe I'm out of step with the way other people think, but to me the words "clone" and "replica" have a very specific and definite meaning. To "clone" or "replicate" this particular car would be to try - as far as is possible - to make one that is almost indistinguishable from the *actual* car. Maybe Nick would not mind that, but personally speaking I think I might feel a bit uncomfortable were it my car.

I'm building a *replica* PZR at the moment as you might know, but that is a replica ( or more accurately a *pastiche* ) of a TYPE of car - not one particular car.

Maybe all of this is just semantics, but I certainly think it is worth taking the feelings of the owner of the *actual* car into account?

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My thoughts were more on the line of a 1:18 Diecast 70 RHD S30 model, modifed in the likeness of the venerable Big Sam. Or, perhaps, our own "Go Z Racer Go" Jerry imortalizing in fine acrylic. But, above is a photo of the real thing. The photo itself is just a represention of the acual car. it is not the car itself. Just as a model of the car would be, and a drawing or painting or even a spoken/written discription. If a full size working replica was painstakenly produced, it would fall under the same catagory. That is, as long as it is NOT presented to lead an audence to beleive it IS the Big Sam itself. True?

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