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and you said i couldnt beat a 350Z


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hehe today was my bday and i went to the track to have a little fun. i thought that my ZXT was faster then what i was but im still satisfied with the results nonetheless.

my first run though i had a great for first timer RT, the 1/4 time was horrible

here the stats of the first run.

R/T ... .978

60 ... 2.671

330 ... 6.556

1/8 ... 9.636

1000 ... 12.263

1/4 ... 14.503

MPH ... 97.09

Best run out of 4

R/T ... .708

60 ... 2.112

330 ... 5.899

1/8 ... 8.901

1000 ... 11.508

1/4 ... 13.549

MPH ... 101.90

as i kept going i kept getting better. launching with a turbo is definetly hard. i got beat by a cobra, that ran 13 flat, beat a newer camaro that beat me once, and beat a 78 camaro.

im happy i think i did pretty good for my first time.

this is all stock motor and injectors, 15#'s of boost, 944 ic, all stock driveline.

some bigger injectors and a little more boost and im going to the low low 13's, maybe 12's:devious:

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So James, Did you actually race a 350Z or are you indicating that your time was better than the published data for a 350Z or ?

Either way, a 13.5 is pretty good for basically stock.

I Think Dreco was getting similar numbers from his 240Z with a 3.1L Rebello stroker motor. I think he also has bored out SU's and a 5 speed.

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i was told that i couldnt beat a 350Z though, if anything i beat there published times.

i did however beat a newer ss camaro:devious: though he also beat me as well.

it seems that some cars i thought were much more powerful are not as powerful as i previously thought.

i wanted to push the T3 to its limits but with still having stock injectors i was to afraid to try, i like my motor.

i will soon have 370cc injectors, by next year when the track opens again, ill hopefully have a new T3 T4OE, but that will be seen.

i know though with just a LITTLE bit more, i can get that car into the low 13's without question.

ill be happy when it will run consistent 12's, at least for a little while:cheeky:

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happy birthday and congrats.

Maybe and that is probably a big maybe 2manyZs will stop

calling you Cruiser.

Ic'd L28et mostly stock and already comparing to built up N/A

L-motors. wow. of course that was what i was expecting.

But 13s so quickly...... :cross-eye... Jeez....i want to complete my swap but my suspension still needs work....:sleepy:

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Congrats on the 13.5 man, and a belated Happy Birthday, by the looks of your times if you nailed your launch you'd already be looking at low 13's, with the addition of bigger injectors and more boost you should easily break into the 12's on a good launch as long as you've got enough rubber on the wheel to negate some of the spin you'll get from the added power.

But again, congrats on the time, good stuff.

What size feet is she wearing at the moment?

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I was hoping for low 13's but I guess I cant expect to much at first.

I figure with pushing the T3 to its limits at 18#'s of boost and 370cc injectors Ill at least be deep into the 13's. Im shooting for consistent 12's though, even 12.95 LOL.

Just as long as I get it there Ill be happy for a little while anyway:devious:

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Originally posted by PrOxLaMuS©

if you can beat a 350Z.... you can stand up to a Skyline GTR!

Uhmm.. no?

I know this is by no means a standard car but I think it's worth a mention. :)


Croydon Wholesalers all-wheel-drive Skyline GT-R driven by Glenn Suckling is the quickest such car in Australia and New Zealand. Auckland's Suckling blew the competition away at a drag racing jamboree near Brisbane the other day. He recorded an 8.55sec estimated time at 165.99mph and backed up with an 8.56sec ET at 164mph to win the Transtasman title. In doing so he beat the 8.61sec world record for a Skyline on street-legal tyres, held by the VeilSide works Skyline GT-R in Japan. Suckling's team manager Graeme Macdonald said: "We're delighted we have a world-record-beating car designed and built right here in Auckland."


That was earlier this year in September.

I was living in Auckland a few years back and spoke to the guy about GTR's and he told me how they'd just bought a Japanese ex-Racer and were bringing it back to NZ to turn it into a beast, and look at the results, I personally saw it in action once at the Skyline Drags at MereMere Dragway, which would be something you American's should come over and see. Mostly Skyline's some other cars here and there but they usually get eaten alive by the Skylines :)

Something to aim for perhaps ZmeFly? :D

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yea right!!!!!!!!ROFL

with the current engine there is no way in HELL, ill be beating a skyline anytime in the near future.

on another note ive always wanted to go to japan or australia or new zealand just to get to see and drive a skyline, older gts and the like.

to endulge myself in the finer things of life that we dont have here in the usa unfortunately

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I wonder if that Glenn guy is related to me?

Anyhow, I have an 'almost' stock Skyline :)

(the only driveline mods are; Unifilter Element, VL-T3 compressor cover, and a 90ft/lbs breakaway diff.

As it is I have wheelspin issues in 1st, and that's at 6psi boost!

(The only other mod it will get is a better-than-oem exhaust system)

I expect ath the L28 was more likely a L32 and was spinning to 8000rpm+, but I'll get a copy of the mag & have a read for sure.

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