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I bought a diesel crank...Now what?


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Hi Jeff,

There is no "advantage" - as it is not possible to simply bolt the stock L28 Rods and Pistons onto the LD crank and have a working engine.....................

You are going to need to read-up on your options for custom pistons to use for this application. I'm not going to suggest any one combination in particular as there are lots of ways you can do it with different combinations of rod length and piston pin heights. There is plenty of info out there on the web - but I'd buy some books if I were you. Some of the best English-language books on the subject of tuning the L-series engines are still available ( try "How to Modify your Nissan / Datsun OHC Engine" by Frank Honsowetz ).

Basically you will have to compensate for the extra stroke that you will get with the LD28 crank. If you don't, then your pistons will be popping up above the deck of the cylinder block and hitting the cylinder head and valves. You would not even get the thing fired up.....................

Good luck,

Alan T.

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