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Free '73 240Z


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Goo dmorning all,

I am getting rid of my salvaged parts car. It's free to whomever wants it. I've removed dash, OEM seats (but replaced those with old Recaros), E88 cylinder head and round top SUs..... There still is a header on there but it looks to be rusted onto exhaust so it's being difficult to remove. Anyways car was originally yellow/greenish color and was thoroughly resprayed to red (you can only tell in wheelwells the original color of the car). It has little to no interior trim. The previous owner told me it was salvaged when it was hit in pass rear 3/4 - except for cracking bondo around the filler cap I have yet to see how bad the damage is if at all.

I drove up until a week ago when I pulled the carbs.

If you are interested I need to know ASAP (like today). Car is in Pasadena, CA.


email or call me at 626 568 1076

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hey guys i got your msgs...

i just took a couple outside pics of the car before the sun set, and a couple of the seats in question too....

i'll post them online first thing tomorrow AM, ok?

to answer the question about weight... they definitely weight more than OEM seats.... so (adjust if necessary I am not quite sure myself) if OEM seats weigh like 20lbs-ish then i guess the recaros to be around 30lbs.... if I can get someone else to weigh and guess at their weight (probably more accurate than me) then I will do so.


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Here are the pics I had promised both of the free salvaged car in question and of the seats.





A little bit more details about the car.

I bought it 2 weeks ago and removed dash, cylinder head, carburetors.

I turned in DMV title right away and will not get a new one in the mail for another week or so - this means the car has been re-registered to March 2003! BTW it is a February 73 car.

I am trying to wrestle off the header that's still holding tight to the exhaust, and I am toying with the idea of taking the windshield as well as passenger side rear tail light.

It has no interior plastic panels save for good (not great) condition door panels. It has aftermarket carpet kit covering the center tunnel. I've looked underneath and the OEM diamond pattern vinyl looks perfect (as does the one covering the rear shock towers). It wears aftermarket wheels and has yet another brand of aftermarket wheel as a spare tire in the trunk. The cylinder head I removed had no mechanical fuel pump attached so I assume there's an electric one in or near the gas tank. From the 10 miles i drove it I can vouch for the shocks being totally gone. The brakes probably too are in need of repair. I was told the car was hit passenger side rear wheel area but except for some cracked bondo by gas cap I see no evidence of major repair surgery. The car has been very thoroughly resprayed to red inside and out (only in the wheel wells and places where bolts have rubbed off the paint can you tell the car's previous colour.)

Oh yeah one more thing - the only key I have for it fits the ignition but not doors/hatch/glove box.

I have called a vehicle donation company and been told it will take 4/5 days for a tow company to contact me. I can always tell them I've changed my mind if someone wants to pick it up before then. Again it is in Pasadena, CA (which is 15min outside of downtown LA, and 17 miles from Whittier <- some one had asked...)


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If others have not spoken up I would be interested in the driver's door panel and the right rear tail light. There may be other parts I could use also; in fact, rather than give it away to a salvage yard I may be willing to drive over this weekend from Phoenix to haul it home on my trailer.

Please let me know the condition of the door panel and also what does the heater control panel and map light area look like?

Randy in Scottsdale, AZ

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Re: bumpers

It's wearing later 73 bumpers as the pics indicate. Front and Rear bumpers are not perfect - they are dinged. Nothing that can't be fixed and re-chromed of course. Has all four bumper over riders.

Re: doorpanels

On both sides, the plastic strip that is supposed to be chrome-like is a bit faded - I think one of them is all blue (ie missing all of its foil wrapping or whatever that was originally).

Also driver side has a small tear at leftmost part of panel right where above chrome trim ends (make sense? ie. 2" below the top leftmost part of driver side door panel)

Door handles and window cranks look good.

Re: Heater control panel

The chrome/plastic trim surround has a missing piece in it. Ie bottom portion right where an aftermarket radio's faceplate would cover it. Otherwise it works good - toggles move smoothy, etc. Bulbs still work and all that.


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Are you giving the car out as a whole or can it be parted out?

I could really use the front and back bumper, and if there is

anything else that I find that is needed for my car, I would like to

take it before you junk the car. I live in San Bernardino and could

drive out to you any time that is good for you. Please let me

know A/S/A/P.

E-mail me at: Redlinenzx@aol.com

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If you (or someone else) wants to come see the car then we could arrange it for either Fri/Sat/Sun or Mon. Those are the only days of the week I have free time. The car is getting donated soon and they already know it isn't running. If some parts off of it (as long as it is still a roller) can make someone happy - great!

If someone wants to take the whole shell - fine by me too.


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