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European Tail Lights


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Does anyone know where I could get the European Tail Light assemblies for a 73 240Z? Motorsport does NOT have them any longer. These are the ones that have an amber colored lense for the turn signal.

Many thanks

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Check out the web links, I think I saw them perhaps on strictlyz or zparts.com, I know I have seen them advertised somewhere besides MSA.

Try Victoria British and Tweeks, I'm kinda surprised MSA didn't have them, are they just out of stock or no longer available, I was planning on getting a pair when I finish painting my car.

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They are sharp and also spendy.

Definitely give Troy Thacker at Too Intense Restorations, his e-mail is:


or you can call him at:

Ph: (714) 293-5552 or

Fx: (714) 544-0361

He's also got a website at: www.datsunrestore.com

I've bought several items from him and he has excellent quality stuff.

I know he has a set of both the front and rear lenses, don't be surprised at the price. They are spendy but Troy has brand new stuff, and with their being rare now, the price show it.

Feel free to use my name, I doubt if it will get you or me a better price, but heck give it a try.

Enrique Scanlon

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Just be aware that you would be ordering from a BONEYARD, and hence the parts aren't new. You might save a chunk of change, but you also may find yourself spending extra money to get them right.

That $156 price was for the COMPLETE tail light assembly. Lenses, Chrome AND Housing WITH light harness. Not saying it was cheap, just that having to get all those parts individually from a boneyard or trusting that they'll get them together and they'll look right, not have cracks, chips, and that they work may be good money after bad. If you could get a PAIR of the lights with harness etc for HALF the price of a single light here in the US, then after shipping it here you'd probably be money ahead. But don't think that just cause they're in England or Europe they don't know the value of the items.

Good Luck, let us know what you find.

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If you end up going with the lenses from the boneyard, you may be able to clean / revitalize them mixing and matching parts from your current lenses.

The lens assemblies CAN be disassembled if you proceed with caution.

I'm describing a 240 lens, but the proceedure should be similar for the other models as far as disassembly, and universal on the plastic polishing.

You can wash the lights now or later.

You first need to remove the flat round speed nut holding the chrome in the center of the back (note this is not the ONLY fastener for the chrome). Then very carefully and gently but firmly start at the bottom and begin separating the colored lens from the housing. At the bottom you should find a couple of drain holes. Insert a popsicle stick or something soft and non-scratchy in there and using an X-Acto blade or similar, cut the strands of the glue holding the lens to the back. Work your way around the lens.

Once you've succeeded in removing the lens from the back, then you can remove the chrome from the lens. There are two more pins holding the chrome on, but you'll find that ALL 3 have flat speed nuts holding them in place. (the center gets two, one outside one inside) To remove these, I found it easiest to gently pry one edge up and using a pair of angle dykes cut them off while holding them with a pair of angle needle nose.

You now have the assembly in it's pieces.

Acrylic Lacquer thinner can be used to remove the last of the glue, just don't let the rag stay on the lens for a long period of time, keep that rag moving.

I then immerse the lens in warm soapy water and using a sponge only, and a soft toothbrush, scrub everywhere to get rid of the dust, dirt, mold, etc.

Using Meguiars Clear Plastic Cleaner No. 17 and a clean cloth, buff the exterior face of the lens. No. 17 is a dijon mustard looking stuff, but it has really fine grit which will help get rid of fine scratches. For real heavy scratches, get your Dremel tool and a CLEAN felt circle or cone, and you can use it with that. (Note: a Dremel will ruin a lens in faster time than it takes to THINK about it, so be EXTREMELY careful) If using the Dremel remember this, keep it moving, keep it moist with the cleaner, and DON'T RUSH. I've removed some really hiddeous scratches, but it may take many many minutes.

Once you're done with No. 17, you'll already begin to notice a nice sheen. Follow with Meguiars Clear Plastic Polish No. 10, (Don't ask me why the numbers go backwards, I don't know). This will REALLY make it smooth and shiny. Same procedure here, but you won't be rubbing anywhere near as hard or as long. This stuff is milky white.

Finish with Meguiars Clear Plastic Detailer No. 18. (Again with the numbers?). At this point you should notice that the lens literally glows. This stuff is clear.

E-mail if you want pictures. Gotta go, my owner is calling.

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