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Anyone know how much these wheels are and where to get em?????


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those are pretty much a Watanabe replica, Watanabe has them, but they are jdm and it will cost you plenty. Your could comb the internet and ebay, finding a set of modular Watanabes or Panasports used, and painting or plating them the gold color, you usually see the Watanabes in Black. The Panasports go for like $400 each I think, the Watanabes would be at least that.


I think you'd be better of buying the 16x7 panasport 1 pieces and masking them and painting or powercoating them gold, you'd save 1/2 the price at 250 a peice and the lip is polished.


Good luck!


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16 x7 C8 Modulars are $400 ea. I think they are stamped " For Racing Use Only "

They are their competition wheels set.


They have the prices listed there. You will also have to wait for them to be built for you as well.

Panasport C8-16

16 x 7 $400.00

16 x 8 $405.00

16 x 8.5 $410.00

16 x 9 $415.00

16 x 9.5 $420.00

16 x 10 $425.00

16 x 10.5 $430.00

16 x 11 $435.00

16 x 11.5 $440.00

16 x 12 $445.00

Note: Prices are shown for standard offsets with no modifications. Racing applications may require special machining at an additional cost. Some other sizes are available on a custom order basis. Please inquire.

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