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Road test????


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I need to find some road tests made by Road and track or car and Driver for the early 240z edition...

Does that exist?

I would appreciate if someone have these test , maybe I can consult them???

Email me if you have anything or any links on the web!!


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I've got a book that is nothing but magazine road tests of Zs. Can't remember what it's called but the same mob do books like this for all sorts of cars. I'll dig it up and post the title if that helps.

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I found an old Tweeks catalog in my drawer yesterday. They had the books from Road and Track and also Car and Driver that were old road tests of all Z models. Now for the bad news, I checked their web-site, www.tweeks.com, and it seems they are only into Porsche parts now. They used to be in Indianapolis but they are now in Effingham, Illinois. I guess you could e-mail them to find out if they are still in the Z parts business, I think this catalog is at least 5 years old if not older.

Just in case, the numbers for the books were:

BK110048 for the Car and Driver

BK 101501 for the Road and Track. 70-83

BK 115526 for the Road and Track 84-89

So since this is only up to 89 it's likely this catalog is 10 years old.

At one time they had as many parts as MSA, shame they changed over to that "other" brand!:finger:

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I have a "Brooklands books" book called "Datsun 240Z 1970-1973" (ISBN 1 869826 833) compiled by R.M. Clarke, that is full of magazine road test articles from magazines like Road & track, Car and Driver, Road test, Autocar, Motor, Modern Motor, etc etc. from 1970 up to 1987.

If you could find yourself a copy of this book I'm sure it would have all the information your after. It's an interesting read also, and the photos of the early prototypes from one of the stories make it worth owning.

Mr C.

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