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New SUs & Heat Shield

Chino 240Z

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I used a set of full radius air-horns and a pair of K&N filters. I still need to dial them in and sync. them better with each other. One thing I was amazed about with this change, was the tone of the carbs as they take a deep breath with the mash of the peddle. The exhaust tone probably drop down about 2 octaves too. I thought there was another problem when I first fired it up! Guess now it's flowing better than ever. Time to clean up and this week-end we'll sneak her out onto the road.


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Looks really fancy. What kind of suspension do you have there? Looks like lots of adjustment available. Years ago(only about 30 years) I used to work at a biological station there in Chino with the Calif. Dept. of Fish & Game, pretty close to the prison. In fact the prisoners used to help us out on many of our projects. Good luck with the mods. Victor.

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Ya know Victor I can't remember the mfg. of these cam plates? I got them from a guy in a Z shop in San Fransisco, I gotta dig around for the paper work. But they seem to have alot of adjustment in them, and they are now set with a little neg. camber, but I should probably have em checked again soon.

Anyhow, Chino is still here. Just not many corn fields or dairies-cows around anymore. All industrial, cement, homes, and shopping centers. The past 5 years things have changed alot! The prison is still there and the land below that area is still not developed much yet. I live off from Pipeline and Chino Ave. area by Don Lugo High School, if ya know the area? There is the 71 Expressway that starts from the 57 fwy / 210 and flys thru the Chino / Chino Hills area and connects to the 91 fwy. This really helps traffic out in the area and makes things easy to get to around here. Chino is a good City. I'm grew up in Upland & Ontario and now in Chino to stay.

Another pic with the filters put on and buttoned up for now. . .


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Really a nice clean looking engine and bay. Nice job. As for the LA area, I was born and grew up there and stayed until I was 30. Use to be able to go from surfing(Malibu) to skiing(Big Bear) in an hour and a half. Don't know how long that would take now with the traffic. Unfortunately you can now draw at least a 100 mile diameter circle centered in LA and it will be completely covered with either asphalt, concrete, and/or structures. Years ago(more than 35), it was one of the nicer cities in the US. But it at least still has the best climate in the world, IMO, so you can work on the Z outside year round. And the smog is actually much better now than it was in the 50's and 60's when I lived there. Getting off the topic here as usual. Enjoy the weather, Victor.

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Thanks Mike, ZTherapy doesn't sell any air tubes. Steve @ ZT gets his from TWM. I found them about 5 frog skins cheaper at MSA. MSA is less than 1 hour from me, so UPS ground is next day. Just putting those air horns on the original stock SUs made a big difference too! TWM has good tech. info on the site.

Yea Victor, while everyone heads up to the Mts. to snow ski, I hit San Clemente, Salt Creek, San Onofre, or Old Mans to surf. Or Glamis to the sand dunes. The smog has really improved over the years. I love N. Calif., Virginia, Colorado, parts of New Mexico, but I'll be a wussy and stay in S. Calif. where everything is less than 1hr.

45 min. / beaches

45 min. / L.A.

45 min. / Baldy, Big Bear Ski

20 min. / California Speedway

2 hrs. / Willowsprings Int. Raceway

35 min. / Disneyland, Knotts

What else could ya want? he he he

2ManyZs, are there ID marks on your camber plates? Ground Control sorta rings a bell, but once someone makes something good copies are the next thing to hit the market, ya know.

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Yep, the air velocity tubes or air horns fit just fine. Just putting them on the old SU I had made a big difference, then they went on the ZTherapy carbs when they came. The intake manifolds are E31 and the cross piece is just stock too. All the smog or vac. lines have been removed and plugged. I have seen some nice after market cross pipes that are really clean looking. I'm still dialing in these new SU carbs, driving up the street and back is a way different situation than opening her up on the track full throttle for a long time going thru the gears, I have some more homework of tuning to do. I got back from a trip to WillowSprings and now trying to find time to retune it, but I'll have to put a silencer on the pipe to quiet it down inorder to open it up on a city street or freeway close by. Risky don't need a ticket.

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Originally posted by seerex

you guys refer to several part suppliers , i know msa as motorsport auto but who is twa ,thanks Jeff

I don't know if "TWM" actually has a name or is just TWM, but they are the company that ZTherapy purchases their air horns from. If I recall correctly, they are an English company. I've never heard of another company that imports these air horns, but I'd be really surprised if there aren't several places that cater to English or other sports cars that have their stuff. You might try to do a web search on TWM and see what comes up. Good Luck!

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