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What motor is this?


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Just bought a 260 2+2 for a parts car. The motor has early SU's and runs really well but I can't identify whether its a L24 or L26 as the L xx before the serial number looks like it may have been grinded off :finger: It has a e88 head and on the LH side of the block is stamped P 30 3309.

Did the P 30 blocks run both L24 & L26 ?

Any tips on differences?

cheers Steve

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Well, I am not familiar with AU specs but I am pretty sure the P30 was the casting number on L24 and L26 motors. Also, the E88 head came on late '71 240 - 260Z in US. There were at least two variations of the the E88 head but they had the same casting number. Sounds like it could be the stock motor with early carbs. But didn't AU 260Z's use the same carbs as the 240Z? Or did AU get the flattop carbs like US???

What is the casting number on the intake manifold?

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Hi guys,

maybe I can help I have lots of engine numbers for 240 and 260 in the data base, either post or private message me the full engine number and I will check it across the info I haveand let you know what it is. I will need the info below to cross reference.

Can you tell me the body number from that data plate that says L26 and has no engine number area. also maybe the colour in and out and the compliance date



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build 10 / 1976

gsr30 015069

current motor 017555

original orange in colour with cream interior

straight car but only good for parts now as the rust has taken a hold in the lower sills, quarters etc.

Nissan must have stopped stamping motor #'s on build plates in 76 because my earlier 240's and 260's detailed them.

Steve AKA Steve

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Originally posted by HKSZ

Yes the round top carbs ended with the 240z in '73.


Really? My 260z 2+2 parts car has round top carbies. (diifferent to my 240z round tops, but definately not flat tops). Its a '75.

Think maybe only the US got flat tops to meet emmission laws.

Any aussies with 260z's have flat tops, and what year is your 260z? Lets work this out once and for all.

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Hi Steve, I think you have a replacement engine, your engine dates as late as 05/77 build.

I know the problem with the ID TAG it was a special on the 2+2 notifying engine type and SAE horsepower rating but no engine number.

For a block as you have indicated for your 2+2 I would have expected to see L26- 144000 through to about L26-159000. If the number is correct could the position of the numbers be out of sequence, a 0 at the front is a real killer. I would expect it to read L26-175550. as to a L24- block the 0 out the front is to early 10/70 build highly unlikely with your casting mark. as L24-175550 would be 6/73 build.

It all depends if the numbers are in the right sequence.


steve :classic:

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The block #'s given are correct, they also match up with the rego sticker.

Still a bit suspect ginding back the L xx but its not the first time.

I had a L26 in a zed, really gutless so I pull the head off and found the pistons were the size of coke cans! It was a L20 and some body had stamped a mark on the 0 in L20 to make it L26 :finger:


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