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280Z vs. Honda Civic Del Sol......... help


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well here's the scoop:

Today.. at my high school, I overheard some kid saying that he has a turbo kit and nitrous.

SO I proceed to kinda walk along side and talk to him about his car as he walks up to his car.

I said, you have a turbo? Sweet.. where did you mount the intercooler (since I didn't see one in the front)

He says, Greddy

I say, no.. where did you mount it?

He said "it's all custom GReddy... underneath by the oilpan"

I said, "What the **** around talking about.... under the oil pan?"

He said, "yeh it sucks up the air from underneath"

So i said, "what size turbo?"

He said, "T66!"

I said holy **** man.... I don't trust the way this sounds....

he opens his door and I proceed to look for instruments.... boost guage, turbo timer, boost controller nothing....

SO.. i said where is your boost guage?

he said "it's electronically controlled"

i said "what!" no that's your boost controller.. ur boost guage!

he doesnt have one...

then I said where is your No2 bottle.... it's underneath the car inbetween the 3" dual exhuast for his little 1.6L engine

He got in his car with some fine girl and drove off.. I laughed yet was full anger.. that lying sack of ****.. your gonna die.

So... when I go back to school monday, I am gonna quiz him.... and offer to race him. Can my '78 280Z AUTOMATIC beat his Honda Civic Del Sol 5-speed?

here are the specs on the Honda Del Sol.. i'm not sure if it's VTEC

Factory Weight: 2,301 Lbs.


93-95 Del Sol Si


125 bhp @ 6600

Redline: 7200 rpm

106 lb-ft @ 5200


93-95 Del Sol VTEC



160 bhp @ 7600

Redline: 8200 rpm

111 lb-ft @ 7000


So.. since I know he is lying.. I do know he has intake and dual exhuast.

Can my 280Z take it? (BTW this will be a track.. not a street race)

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probably not as you have a auto.. but if its all talk, he probably cant drive anyway. now if you can test drive a subaru wrx sti that would waste his car, 300 hp at 6k and 300 lb at 4k out of a flat four that and a 6 speed manual. i drive them at my work and damn are they fast. all wheel drive to. a little ricey but at least its fast :)

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Hate to be a "bench racer," but...

http://zhome.com/History/zcarperf.html - scroll down to 280Z(most of these are NOT stock I imagine)


http://webpages.charter.net/gearhead/delsol.html - Has the "stock performance" stats listed as found by some magazine.

Probably no contest... Even so, I wouldn't bother making some sort of grudge match out of the situation. Just let an idiot be an idiot, challenging him would just be childish IMO.

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My friends dad had an automatic zx. He raced a 5 speed civic coupe and beat him. his zx was completely stock and the civic had some mods. unsure of wat it was. or maybe it was jus thew driver.

If he has the vtec model del sol. then u wont win.

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Let bygons be bygons, so he's a BS artist give him a paint brush and let him keep busy :).

If he needs to pretend he has these things to make him important then he's already lost.

You have a 20 year + old sports car which has probably been driven by people like him 20 years ago. It's gonna need some work and it's gonna need research to make it do what you want but at the end of the day you will end up more knowledgable more proud and you won't be like every other tom d*** and harry on the road who needs to pretend to look special.

my moto there's always a bigger fish, there will always be someone out there who can beat you, rather than get annoyed about it don't worry about it, I've been there done that myself.

The Z is a great car because you can learn so much from them and have so much fun at the same time.

They have killer looks and with some research and $$$ you can make them handle great, go fast, and still be daily drivable :).

Sorry to Rant on but he's just no worth while :finger:

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Brother... I wouldn't do it.

Maybe if he doesn't have the Vtec you might (and thats a big MIGHT) hang with him. He's the moron running around sayin he's got thousands of dollars tyed up in a girls car.

Important things to remember:

He's an Idiot, you're well on your way to becoming a coniseur

You're car is about 500 lbs heavier

A/T doesn't help...may not hinder, but doesn't help.

A lot of these honda parts do kill the low end... a place where Hondas don't do particularly well any way.

The Z is 25 years old.

Of course If you're looking to rebuild the engine you could strap a 100 shot of Nitrous on to speed up the process.

Hey man... it's just high school... plus he's probably never even seen a T-66... Hell, I don't think I have.

"We've all been there but sometimes it's best to find out on your own."-----Nate:cross-eye

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Not to go against the grain here, but if he wants to race the guy, it's his choice. At least he's planning on doing it at a track under a controlled environment and not out on the street.

Based on the specs you provided on the Del Sol, even with the VTEC, you still might have a shot at winning, unless your tranny is not in good shape.

Keep in mind that a stock 280Z can make 150 hp at the wheels! The specs listed for the Del Sol I assume are factory specs which are rated at the crank. You have to figure a 15-20% loss to through the drivetrain. The weight difference bewteen the 2 cars is alnost a wash. That leaves only the driver's experience and the condition of the auto tranny. If it slips too much while shifting, you'll probably lose. But then again, if this other kid is that stupid about his car, then he probably can't shift either! Hell, he may even think shifting from low1 to low2 to drive is what makes a standard!


I think you have a pretty good shot to beat this person. My 240Z makes 127 hp at the wheels. I know I could easily beat the base Del Sol and give a VTEC a run for their money! A 280 has another 20-25 hp on tap. Good luck, man.

As for everyone else, I know I'll get a few flames for my comments, but hey, that's racing!

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I own a 280z with a 5 speed and could not catch one the other day.

I tried to catch him from behind and only started about 2 lengths behind him.

It was some type of very small honda but I would not be surprised if his engine had some type of mods done to it.

It seemed a little too fast for a stock honda.

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actually.. today....

I walked up to him.. in front of about 7 people.. in this group...

and I said... so how's your car running?

He turned to me and said.. good.. why?

I said... by any chance, do you and your T66 powered Honda want to take on my Z? (i was trying to sound like a hard arse LOL)

Then he said.. uhhh umm....

no.. I don't have the turbo yet... HAHAHA

I said... when I talked to you on Thurs. you said you had it....

He said.. noo I thought you said what are you planning on doing..

then his friends were like.. I thought you said you HAD a turbo and NOS.. and then I laughed and walked away....

Embarassed the hell out of him.. and his friends were pissed that he has been tellin em, he has a turbo.

So overall... he was too scared to take on my 280Z... and he doesn't have a turbo... and no VTEC.... so.. i'm happy.

Happy ending to a crazy story.

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Z's can look intimidating to someone who knows nothing about them.

It's probably better that you don't race until you make sure the car is in optimum running condition.

The looks of the Z speak for itself anyway. See he was scared of

your car without knowing anything about it. Just because you called him on his bluff i'm sure his friends now may be scared of your car too just because you offered to race him.



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