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Anyone know anyone starting a Z project?


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As a few of you know I am selling my project to undertake another, if not very similar one:


The only reason I am selling it is the fact that I need to get a car road registered ASAP and dont have the finances to build two. I have spent a lot of my own time on this car as well as paid a fair amount of cash so obviously its a tough decision.

If anyone knows anyone who may be interested it would really help me out.

Thanks guys

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Do you know Zpeed he's a member on this board he was looking for a good Z project but I think he gave up on Z's for now apparently he bought a Sprinter.

You could message him and tell him that Gavin said when he's finished with that silly Sprinter and wants a real car he can have yours :).

If your reading Nathan I'm just kidding the Sprinter is an O.K car but it's still no Z :).

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All i can say is good luck it's hard to find the finance to do one let alone 2.

I'll be on holidays on the 16th of september onwards myself and will have some spare time so when I'm not working if you need a hand with anything I'd like us to meet up and do some work if you want.

I already have a few Z mates around Melbourne can't hurt to have 1 extra :).

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Yeh im just going to do one at a time, get my '77 roadworthy and drive that while I build the '74, then when the '74 is done take the '77 off the road to do that.

Im on the lookout for a cheap 82-83 280zx now for another EFI motor as i wanna save my f54/p90 for the turbo ....I know I could buy a motor and the rest in bits, but im sick of chasing after bits.

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I don't know about that buying a ZX will be more expensive than a motor and you'll have to get rid of the crap heap afterwards.

I'm sure you could get a complete motor with everything you need have you asked Warren from Zworx?

He has ZX's around from time to time.

I understand where your coming from but cars lying around is messy to say the least.

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If you wanna just fuel inject the L26 in your daily driver pull the efi gear off a Skyline 2.4L E in the junk yard.

That will bolt up to the L26 head and probably only cost you $300 at most.

Just a thought to help you finish that first project quicker and save you some money :).

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I have a f54/p90 L28E i want to save for the turbo setup unless i can find another.

I dont really want to inject or spend money on the L26, im happy to just run the carbs i think while i finish the silver car off, then I will strip the '77 and put the turbo in that.

Ideally i could find another f54/p90 to turbo so i could swap the complete existing f54/p90 L28E into my shell with all the wiring plumbing etc I already have from the running L28E 2+2 i have.

Its complicated :)

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Yeh, it is a headache.

Basically my reasoning is that the 2+2 L28 has all the lines/plumbing/wiring etc that my shell doesnt plus it shares an identical engine bay so it would be a much easier swap to carry it over into the shell, especially for a first attempt.

The 1977 has all the standard plumbing and lines it would just be a matter of wiring which would lead to be an easier swap allowing use of a 280zx donor or perhaps just a motor and loom.

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aye gav

long time to speak ehh

yer its to expensive for me.... that why i havn't bought it yet...

and the sprinter is alright, after christmas the car should be finished, and well go for a run up the hills toyota vs nissan...

but u know i'm still a Z boy at heart, once i finish this project, i'll sell up and get another Z don't u worry, already getting the bug back, don't think i ever lost it... hehe

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