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2 240z's which one to keep?

Wicked C5

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I just picked up another 1972 240z yesterday after realizing the one I had needs alot of mechnical work like suspension and other saftey issue. I plan on swaping the good parts off one and putting it on the one I keep.

Which one do you guys think I should keep

1972 Yellow 4 speed

Body is really nice and straight very light rust issues no major dents

Car has a newely rebuilt L24 engine and runs awesome

Tranny is a little notchy but still works well

Brakes pull to one side when stoping

Suspension is shot and bottoms out all the time

Registeried in my name already and have the pink slip

Glass is perfect all the way around

Front carpet is decent

No smog equipment attached

New raditator

No key's to anything including the ignition which I start with any key

Heater core removed

Dash has alot of cracks

Center console is trashed

Side Windows need realining

Some aftermarket wiring on some stuff like the lights

Vent/ Fan controls don't really work

taillights have several cracks in them

Brakes pull to one side when stoping

Rear bumper has a few small dents in it

Has electric fuel pump

Steering wheel needs cover and is kinda chewed up

1972 blue 4 speed

Pretty much stock and orginal

Body has a decent amount of rust including floor,fenders and door. Although stuff has been added to prevent more rust.

Engine seems to run good but makes a pretty loud ticking sound at idle. Owner says that is the way it has been since he has owned it and put about 20k on it.

Tranny is excellent shifts very smooth and solid

Brakes work great

Suspension feel wonderful had the car up to 90 and still felt smooth

Need to go back to DMV and get everything taken care of

Has a nick on the front windshield other glass is good

Front carpet is fair/poor

Center Console is great

Fan/Vent controls and heater work like they should

All Gauges work except for the fuel and clock

Dash has only a few minor cracks

Drove it home about 60 miles and drove like a champ

What do you guys think is the keeper Blue or yellow?

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Originally posted by 2ManyZs

Should be an easy choice... always choose the chassis with less rust, unless the rust on one car is only on the outer body panels that can be easily replaced. In your case, I'd keep the yellow one.....

No it is beyond the outer body. If it were just the outer body I would probley just swap it out.

Seems like a decent amount of work either way I go.

What is appealing about the blue one is everything is where it is suppose to be. The yellow one has been screwed with.

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