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240 Parts cheap


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Butterscotch trim pieces, speaker cut door panels, 280 coupe taillamp interior trim panel black, very nice, 2 real good aluminum drums, (4)14 x 6 slotted mags, minor rash on 2, steering wheel with holes, average, complete script trim set, rough, very nice rear bumper overrider bar, very nice near new master cylinder, cherry 280 hood vents with rust free pan, cherry 73 front bumper brackets, complete side marker lamp assemblies with seals, porportioning valve, brake light switch??? mounts on L. wheel well, nice 260 outside rear view mirror. Prefer to trade for nice black interior trim parts but otherwise will sell cheap.


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Thanks for the kind words mperdue, you are a class act. These peices are not the best, I dont want you to be disappointed. The door panels are very nice, 5.5" round speaker holes. The headliner is very nice but of course the foam backing has been chewed up removing it, so it will take work to install it with a smooth appearance. I have the 3 windshield trim peices, really nice. Visors are perfect. R. 1/4 has a small "hole" broken out at one of the rivet locations and some hairline cracks, I have a bunch of pics. Wheelhouse trim is very nice. Both doglegs, really cherry. $85.00 is OK includes shipping. I would rather help out another Z guy than just let them sit there.

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After looking/reading about at all of the peices I was hoping to just get the following if you still have them and they are in pretty good shape.

1. Visors

2. The 3 windshield trim peices

3. Wheelhouse trim

4. Both doglegs

5. The long peice that fits on the very back of the trunk(what the louvers are leaning against in the zip file)

6. Last but not least...The piece that fits on the inside of trunk lid (I think it is what is directly in front of the louvers in the zip file)

Please let me know if you have them and a total price that includes S&H to 87114 (Albuquerque, NM)



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Yes all of the pieces are available other than the soft trim piece that attaches to the deck lid. Visors are cherry, dog legs are cherry, 3 windshield pieces are very nice, nice as any you will find, the hard plastic taillamp cover is real nice, I have pics of all. I can email you pics depicting close ups of any small hairline type cracks on it, and they are small. I am sure there is no original hard black plastic taillamp cover available anywhere in better shape. Does $85.00 plus $25.00 shipping seem fair?

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Yes I have them. They are cherry. They are painted gloss black. It is acrylic enamel, automotive paint, not spray can stuff. Do you need a pan also? I have 2 rust free pans. Vents $75.00 with pan $85.00, plus acutal shipping costs.

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