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1977 "black pearl" on ebay


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has anyone seen the supposed 22k mile Black pearl car on ebay


the only problem is the seller claims that it is original paint -- but it is a 1977 -- so that is not possible (is it)

also I have never seen a black pearl with a white interior

overall car looks good but seems fishy (probably a better car than the supposed nissan resto)

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Originally posted by Marty Rogan

Didn't the Black Pearl edition have red accent stripes on the hood? Also, that edition came out in 1978!!! I don't I could ever feel comfortable buying a car off Ebay, without being able to see it first.


Bought this car about a month ago on ebay. :)


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It doesn't say in the ad that it is a black pearl car or not. Just implies that that the black paint is rare. I love how they say it has 20+ "original" miles, then put their disclaimer that they can't verify it! Starting to sound familiar?

I doubt this is a Black Pearl Edition car, and if so, $6700 sounds like a lot for a 280! I'd look under the carpet, around the interior, and in the engine bay for signs of another color before I bought this car.

Just my $.02....

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I actually have paid exactly $6700 for a 280z in the past (but wouldn't for this one)

the red stripes on a black pearl were optional -- so it is possible to have an original black pearl with out them

I asked the seller why a 22k mile car would have been repainted -- he claimed it was original paint and wanted to know why I thought it was a repaint (I explained that as far I was aware the first time datsun offered z car in black was the 1978 black pearl edition)

he refused to send me a photo of the engine bay

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