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CF Hood


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SORRY - bonnet not dash - dash would look good though!

I think the carbon bonnet is all for asthetics, weight saving is very marginal, and if u were wanting to save weight seriously you would get a fibreglass boinnet for cost reasons.

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My primary objective is to get overall weight down, while displacing any required weight from front to back, like battery, battery box, radio. At the same time that weight can be moved low, below deck, lowering center of gravity. Hatch weight is high up.

Kevlar wing is better than weight in the back and much lighter than the hatch.

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Originally posted by DocBombay

More weight is saved with a hatch or doors than the hood. Does anyone make a CF or fiberglass hatch?

Yes they do, Carbon fibre hatch:


Carbon fibre everything just about. Bonnet, hatch, rear light pannels, the pannel infront of the windscreen. Fibreglass fenders.

Only problem is, they are in Japan.


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Originally posted by DocBombay

Do you have one, and how?


No I dont have any.

Spirit garage is a performance shop in Japan I believe, and from what i can gather they sell this stuff. I dont read japanese, but they have prices on the site which you can convert to your currency using any converter tool on the web.

This is thier race car:


A thread about them.


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