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my new 240z website


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about (gulp) $18,000... includes price of car ($3000) I spent this over a 2 year period so it didn't hurt that much. And consider that a new 350 Z is over 30K. I get a new car, unlike anything out there, bragging rights, etc. So to me that is a cheap price for all those goodies!

Originally posted by MDyer

Very Nice... I love the paint.

Your site looks great; it's scary seeing the parts list. What's the tally to-date???

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Great website man. I've been watching your gallery to see more pics of the beautiful car. Nice to finally see some info on it. I plan on spraying a similar honda color on my car soon as well. I think mine will be B65P, Monte Carlo Blue

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Painting it myself saved a bundle. the base coat cost $250 a gallon though. The, base, clear, solvents, primer, etch, paper, etc. added a lot, but in all it was about $800 in supplies. (this doesn't include all the metal work and rust repair costs which I did myself along with my dad - fabrication guru) but better than paying $4000+ for someone else to do it!

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