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  1. jasonparuta

    Electron Blue Pearl Metallic

    nope, it was all mixed in. Not like those custom jobs where they layer the flake and the transparent candy. I just painted 3 base coats and was careful to keep the mixture stirred up. Then 3 coats of clear. www.geocities.com/jasonparuta
  2. jasonparuta

    R200 mustache Bar?

    check out my photos of the 240Z and 280Z moustache bars http://www.geocities.com/jasonparuta/diffswap.html
  3. jasonparuta

    driveshaft lengths

    Is the 280ZX driveshaft longer than the 240Z driveshaft?
  4. jasonparuta

    R200 3.9

    my 3.9 waiting to be installed.
  5. jasonparuta

    another render

    still working on the 3d model. Here's an update... www.geocities.com/jasonparuta
  6. jasonparuta

    WIP 240Z

    yes it is my dream Z but you might have noticed that I actually own this in real life. I restored it from a junker over a 2 year period.
  7. jasonparuta

    3.9 R200

    I am currently swapping out my driveline from a 4 speed to 5 speed as well as changing the diff from the stock '73 Z 3.364 R180 to a '82 ZX 3.9 R200. In case you never looked inside the diff here it is. The stamping on the ring gear gives all the info: JH 39:10 DQ 1 11 25 www.geocities.com/jasonparuta
  8. jasonparuta

    1973 240Z http://www.geocities.com/jasonparuta/

    It feels great to drive it. I have it in the garage for the winter where I am doing some work on it. I had to change the Cam and some seals, and now I'm focusing on changing the driveline to a 5 speed and a 3.9 diff. I finally collected all the parts, now I have to clean, paint and install before spring!
  9. jasonparuta

    WIP 240Z

    thanks for your comment. your right about the height. I will go back and fix that. I started the rear bumper area but it's just a hole right now...
  10. jasonparuta

    WIP 240Z

  11. jasonparuta

    Jason Paruta

    Go here for more info: www.geocities.com/jasonparuta
  12. jasonparuta

    Jason Paruta

    Fresh out of a 2 year restoration. Taken in May 03
  13. jasonparuta

    slow progress

    here is another render of my car so far. I added some detail but there's alot more to go
  14. jasonparuta

    render of z car so far

    Not a 2x2, just a coupe. It looks weird back there becuase it's not done yet...
  15. jasonparuta

    render of z car so far

    I am using 3dsmax, built with polys

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