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  1. I'm looking for a 3.9 R200 diff from a 81-83 280ZX. Must be in great condition.
  2. I don't need a tranny now. But I do need a 3.9 R200 diff
  3. looking for a 280ZX non-turbo manual tranny...
  4. nope, it was all mixed in. Not like those custom jobs where they layer the flake and the transparent candy. I just painted 3 base coats and was careful to keep the mixture stirred up. Then 3 coats of clear. www.geocities.com/jasonparuta
  5. check out my photos of the 240Z and 280Z moustache bars http://www.geocities.com/jasonparuta/diffswap.html
  6. Is the 280ZX driveshaft longer than the 240Z driveshaft?
  7. looking for a 280ZX driveshaft '81-83 thanks
  8. jasonparuta

    R200 3.9

    my 3.9 waiting to be installed.
  9. still working on the 3d model. Here's an update... www.geocities.com/jasonparuta
  10. jasonparuta

    WIP 240Z

    yes it is my dream Z but you might have noticed that I actually own this in real life. I restored it from a junker over a 2 year period.
  11. jasonparuta

    3.9 R200

    I am currently swapping out my driveline from a 4 speed to 5 speed as well as changing the diff from the stock '73 Z 3.364 R180 to a '82 ZX 3.9 R200. In case you never looked inside the diff here it is. The stamping on the ring gear gives all the info: JH 39:10 DQ 1 11 25 www.geocities.com/jasonparuta
  12. It feels great to drive it. I have it in the garage for the winter where I am doing some work on it. I had to change the Cam and some seals, and now I'm focusing on changing the driveline to a 5 speed and a 3.9 diff. I finally collected all the parts, now I have to clean, paint and install before spring!
  13. jasonparuta

    WIP 240Z

    thanks for your comment. your right about the height. I will go back and fix that. I started the rear bumper area but it's just a hole right now...
  14. jasonparuta

    WIP 240Z

  15. jasonparuta

    Jason Paruta

    Go here for more info: www.geocities.com/jasonparuta