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Rear hub knockout

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I'm tearing down the rear wheel setups for sandblasting and painting (they're already removed from the control arms and springs). I've got the brakes out and the halfshaft flange off, but I can't knock the hub out of the assembly (I'm going off a Z restoration book). Is there anything left that needs to be unbolted before the hub will knock out or do I need a heavier hammer?

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Hey Craig, I just looked in my book. It says once you've removed the bearing retainer nut, that's the big one on the differential side of the stub axle. It should be pulled with a flange adapter and a slide hammer. If the slide hammer isn't available use a hammer and a soft drift punch (I use an old brass king pin) from the inside (diff. side). It sounds like yours is just real tight. If you want I can scan and e-mail the pages from the book.

Good luck


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well, just took a couple angry whacks at the thing this morning and it finally popped out. Thanks for the help. I got the backing plate off with some persuasion from the hammer but now the inner bearing will not even budge. It is supposed to be knocked from the inside towards where the differential would be right? The book I have has the worst wording. :(

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