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1970 240Z ITS SCCA race car in PA - cheap!


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I've lost storage on my project race car and need to sell. I bought it as you see it in the pictures. It was hit in the front but the suspension looks ok. All of the race parts are either on the car or will go with it except for the engine and transmission. The car has a roll cage, race suspension, fuel cell, two 5-point harnesses, oil cooler, SS braided fuel and brake lines, etc. I'm including good sheetmetal to repair the damage - RF inner fender and radiator support. A bunch of spare parts are also included. As of this morning (7/18/03) bidding on ebay is only $250 for the car and all of the parts.




Chuck Buczeskie

[email protected]

Chambersburg, PA 17201

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Chuck, I saw the auction and was just curious as to whose car that used to be. I'm wondering if I knew the prevous owner or if I had raced with that car at Summit back in the "good old days" of ITS....

If I didn't already have one sitting in my garage in nearly the same condition(R. Thomas' old car) I would by it just for the parts, but alas, my garage is already full....:disappoin

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Hmm, so that's where it ended up. Jeff Lucas said it got wrecked but I didn't know where it had ended up.

Car won the Marrs championship in 89 or 90 if I remember right when Dan owned it. In fact, I've got the rear diff that he was using to cheat with....:devious:

Somewhere around here I've got some pics of the car back in the early 90's when Dan owned it.

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Maybe you should try to talk Jeff into buying it for his son..LOL

Hate to see it in the shape it's in, but the one I've got isn't much better, it's got the left front corner smashed when it was ran into the bank in turn 10 quite a few years ago.

Funny thing is, I just e-mailed Jeff (not sure if his e-mail address is still the same since he moved)to tell him the car was for sale, thought maybe he might be interested in it for parts or to fix it up....:stupid: We were just talking about the car at the track at Marrs 1 this year when I saw him. Kinda reminiscing about the good old days when the Z's ruled the track... I was running a 75 280 when Dan still owned the car and remember racing with Wayne as well, seems they always lapped me on the final lap at most races when I was still a rookie....:ermm:

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Jeff and I are good friends. He knows all about the car. I offered it to him but he has enough cars at the moment. I really don't think that it would be hard to fix it. The main things it needs are the RF inner fender and radiator support. I'm including a nice rust free replacement. It'll make for a nice project for someone.


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