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New to the Z car scene


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well, I just want to say hi to all you guys in the z-car world. I am hopefully gonna find a good project car and become a z-car owner.

I was hoping you guys could tell me what the best way to learn about these cars is. I currently have a daily driver honda with some mods on it, and that car is easy to learn about b/c they still make them, but it seems that resources on z-cars are quite a bit harder to come by.

Thanks for the help!!

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Greetings to you!

I believe you're on the right track to learning about the early Z cars.............you're at the correct site.

Here is what I did, as I too was lacking in Z car knowledge when I jumped into reworking my Z. I went to a number of Z car shows to see what I could see and inquire about what was of interest to me. Boy, did I ever have a lot of questions too!!! Then I started surfing the internet for any and all the information I could find that I could use or thought I could use. After creating quite a large collection of info, I went through the whole pile of info and sorted the stuff into catagories as well as discard the info that wasn't too good. Basically, info that just didn't jive with the other info on the same subject, written by others. Not all posts can be taken as gospel. Once you've digested enough info on any one subject, you start to get a feel for what works and what doesn't.

So, do alot of research, it's cheap, and then figure out what exactly you want to do to your Z. Figure out a budget for what you intend to spend on your new toy and then double it!!! For myself, I budgeted about $12,500.00 (US dollars) What I actually spent was closer to $18,000.00 OK, maybe 1 1/2 times, in my case. Anyway, there will always be those "gotta have" items that will bump up your limit. Please don't think that all Z car projects cost this much. Then again, depending on what you intend to do, I've heard expenditures as high as $50,000.00

When you go looking for your new toy, everyone here will tell you the same thing, find one with the least amount of rust!!!! OK now, go for it!

P.S. I hope this helps you off the starting line. Good luck! Remember one thing.....focus on what you will have when you are done and not on the little problems you encounter along the way.

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Thanks for the kind welcome.

Hopefully I will be able to have one of the nicest 240z's in Minnesota, I know there arent a lot of them around here. My brother had a 280zx, so I guess that is where I got the idea, also the video of the supercharged lt1 in a 240 didnt hurt.

I plan on doing a restoration, but not necessarily to factory spec, but I plan on "refreshing" it and customizing it to my liking. Don't worry, not big wings or ugly chrome rims, i wont destroy a z like that.

I figured that this place was a good source of info, but I am also looking for a basic FAQ site about 240z's or the z cars in general, so if anyone could point me in the right direction of a good site like that I would appreciate it.


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If you have a question, or want info, search through our forums.. if someone else hasn't asked the question, well, start a thread and ask.....If you look you should find multiple answer to many of the most common questions such as where to look for rust, and where to find parts to repair them....

We've covered nearly everything at least once....well, almost everything....

Welcome and happy reading.:cross-eye Yep, you'll look kinda like this if you read all the threads and all the responses....LOL

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Welcome to the forum, Briman2021. I have some additional info. for your viewing pleasure, if you're eyes can handle it. :D This includes Z car history, specifications, differences, etc. :)






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Welcome to the club mate.

As 2ManyZ's and ZmeFly said, pretty well everything you want to know about Zeds can be found amongst the posts on this site. And if you can't find what you want to know, all you need do is ASK.


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