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Three Way Valve Job


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Actually it's a 3 ANGLE Valve Job. What that means is that the sealing surface of the individual valves and their corresponding Valve Seats (in the head itself) are ground to 3 separate, different angle's instead of just one angle. This results in a better seal as the valves close. This keeps the power generated by combustion inside the cylinder where the power can be applied to the crankshaft (engine output power) instead of possibly leaking through the valve seats back to the intake manifold or to the exhaust manifold before the valves are opened via the camshaft, & rocker arms.

HTH, Carl

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It makes a good bit of difference to the engine (I imagine) since that is what the factory manual specifys.

Regarding cost, I don't know how much difference in price. I've never asked what would be charged for a single angle valve grind. I've always gone the the 3 Angle grind.

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Is it obvious which has been done to look at the valves?

I'm working a deal to get a head that has been rebuilt and never used and I'd be curious to know what was done to it.

What should I expect to have to pay for the 3 angle job?

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