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4-speed to 5-speed


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From what I recall reading all you have to do is slightly modify the area where the shift stick is (cut a little metal out) to accomodate the 5th gear. Other that that I believe that it's a drop in swap.

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Just picked up a 5 speed out of an '81 from the wreckers. Question..... should I transfer my clutch arm and throw-out bearing from the 4-speed into the 5-speed box, or can I leave the 5-speed "stuff" in there? I know mixing and matching is a no-no but how about that throw-out bearing matching up to my pressure plate? And how about the slave cylinder? It looks like the box I got is freshly rebuilt (has a newer serial number inscribed and the oil was fresh along with the new slave and rubber hose)



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The arm on the 4-speed should have a return spring on it that I don't think the 5-speed has. Unless you changed the slave cylinder along with the trans you may want to keep the one with the return spring. As far as the bearing and collar, I think it depends on the type of clutch you are using, but I'm not sure. I do know that the imput shaft for a 5-speed is longer than the 4-speed so you usually need the longer collar.

Hope this helps some.

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Depends on the year of 240.

I just swapped an 81 5 speed into my 73, clutch arms are the same. Bearing carriers are different. If you are using a 240 clutch pressure plate switch the carrier from the 240 4 speed to the 5 speed, if you are going to install the pressure plate from a 280 then you need to keep the carrier from the 5 speed. The carrier from the 240 is shorter as the pressure plate is taller if you don't swap them you won't be able to engage the clutch. The 5 speed shifter also has a crappy spring loaded bushing in it, I swapped the shifter from the 4 to the 5 speed. Other than those items it was a bolt in with no tunnel cutting.

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