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Tiger Tools - Recommendation for U-Joint Service Tool - Tiger Tools


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I rarely endorse tools, but in this case, I feel I have to share one I recently found and used that I am very glad to have found.

U-joint replacement, especially the half shafts have always been a test of wills for me. Yes I can do them, no it's never pleasant. Find the right sockets to beat on, fight with supporting them while you beat on them, discovering the sockets you used are now bent and don't snap on the ratchet handle anymore. Dirty ugly fight. Hate it. No more.

Behold the "Tiger Tool 10105"  U-Joint service tool.



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I took this half shaft apart in 15 minutes. That's using it for the first time. No hammer. No sockets, didn't even need the vice. It was nice to hold it, but not necessary.

This particular one was 'easy", the u-joints where replaced in it sometime in the near past, the C-clips weren't rusty etc. popped right out. I guarantee you will spend more time picking and beating on the c-clips to get them out than removing the u-joints. 

Fits our yokes perfectly. Not too big, not too small. Goldilocks just right.




It comes in three sizes. This is the baby one. The two bigger ones will do any u-joint you encounter. 

And maybe the best part?  Price!   Amazon.ca has it for $129 CAD (delivered if you're a prime member).

They are made in Canada, in British Columbia. Designed to be used with an impact gun, built to last, no BS. This. thing. works. And will for a long long time.

I think I shall turn my pile of filthy worn out half shafts into a pile of lovely fresh and ready to go ones. No more "Now which one is decent to use....." 


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Update on the wonder U-joint tool.

Today I went to use it to do a Z driveshaft u-joint for the first time and much to my dismay, it is too big! By this I mean the U shape receiver area that you place over the end of the yoke (where the cups sit) slips right past the yoke. Barely. Useless… Dang. 

Unless you have a welder

I just ran a couple of beads along the lip to make it smaller, and it worked just fine.

Now I haven’t tried it on the half shafts to see if I made it too small now, if I did, I suppose I’ll have to get another 10105. Oh well


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