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L28 Engine rebuild


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Searched the archives but this may be new issue due to the supply chain limitations we all live in today.  Need to rebuild my L28 and will use the components/cores (block and head) in the car now. Engine is NA ITB's. N42 block and N42 head, stock, zero previous head work or zero bore on the block. 

Every builder I've engaged on average is 6 months + to rebuild. A large portion of the timeframe is waiting for suppliers to deliver parts, pistons etc.. 

Would like to pre-purchase / acquire the internals prior to pulling the engine (car still runs), to cut down the rebuild timeframes. Understand bearing and other internal parts cannot be purchased until disassemble /assemble.  

Goal is 200+ HP (just dyno tuned 160hp, sad and tired engine )with this engine, what's good enough for my driving ability. 

What would you do to this stock platform? keeping the engine NA, N42 block and N42 head.

  • Flat top pistons  - What size, cast or forged? 
  • Head - Understand ton or work will go into the head, What size values or spring kit would your purchase?
  • Cam - What size cam? running 45mm Kameari manifold and 45mm ITB's. 

Already installed and running, lighten flywheel, 6 into one header, 5 speed wide ratio, R200 3.9 differential, Haltech 750 ECU. 

Thank you for your input. 




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Nice set up. The n42 pair is not my favorite for modification . I would definitely want flat tops for the block - but that’s all the mods needed there . The head is going to be a lot more work . The best solution to keep down time to a minimum is to have another head rebuilt and ready to go . I would source a higher quench head - p90, p79, mn47 . They will do better with pump gas . 
Or maybe just find a zx motor and use the block and head .

As far as the cam - going big or go home . 

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@Blitzed I bought a P79 head a couple of years ago that was rebuilt. I went another direction with my build and have not done anything with it. Send me a pm if interested and I can send you pics. 

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