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L24 enough?


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I have Just put Weber dgv's, MSA 6-1 header, 2.5 full exhaust on my 73 240z. It has not been tuned yet, except what I could manage, but I am wondering how much that could affect the performance. How much horsepower could be hidding behind my poorly tuned carbs, unadjusted valves and poorley tuned ignition. I ask this question because I am not sure if the l24 has enough potential to get my car to where I want it. I know the l26 has a different crank and that increases disp. The l28 bored a little bit. Both of these options dont seem a reality to me. I may be able to get a bud with the tools to do an engine swap in a weekend, but I probobly can't be taking my whole block apart... I have thought about a v8 swap or a tubo motor from a later model car. I would like to keep the engine under 1500, but will do what I have to do. Anyway post back with what you think and maybe some of your set ups and times.

Criticizm welcome!

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My intent is to put the following set up into my 240Z:

L28 engine

F54 block with flat top pistons

P90 head

Carbs (most likely round top SUs)

'77 5-speed tranny

R180 3.9 diff

From the research I have done this seems to be the best route to go without really getting into some work and money (i.e. V8, turbo, EFI, etc).

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How far do you want to go?

A cheap tune up with your L24 and carbs will be lots of FUN!

BUT if you want serious speed the L28et is the way to go.

I was gonna use that setup on my 240z(weber DGV, ect.) till i saved enough money for a turbo(L28et engine out of 280zx) swap. I liked it cause you could get alot of HP and you could keep your existing tranny and motor mounts.

You could try to find one in a junk yard or find a cheap used car with one running in it(probably best) and probably find an engine for under 1500.

What I plan to do with the Z i have left is Buy a built up and performance rebuilt engine from top end performance ($$$ :sleepy: ) and drop it in keeping my 78 5-sp & R200. I was planning on doing this later down the road with my 240z and in the meantime enjoying the performance I already had.

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can you go L28 turbo with carbs?

thinking about alternatives to the L24 have me thinking about any L6 with crossflow head and fuel injection. turbo isn't necessary, and i'm liking the RB25DE. sounds like a nice idea. only thing that turns me off is adding too much weight... i don't want to have to gut the interior to keep it light. but i figure the n/a version will be a bit lighter than the turbo. blah blah blah, do i know wtf i'm on about? haha

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