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dual exhuast?


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I want an exhuast system that can flow very efficiant but i dont want it to be too loud. so i was thinking. since the larger pipe size makes it louder . than wouldn't rather than having one large pipe size. You have 2 smaller pipes be quieter. or it doesnt work that way?

Correct me if im wrong about the ;ager pipe size being loader. not really sure about that.

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It doesn't really work that way. Sort-of.

If you had two small pipes vs one large pipe (without mufflers)... I don't know which configuration would be louder.

But, most of your noise has to do with other factors on the system as well. The quality of muffler, the presence of headers, and if you have a mid-muffler all play important part in noise.

On a system with 6-to-1 headers, a 2.5" diameter piping system, and a nice muffler.... I can tell you this is a little bit more "throaty" or louder than a 2.25" diameter system using the same components.

Therefore, I think you could be louder OR quieter with a dual exhaust system depending on the headers, the diameter, and the type of muffler you use.

You can make a 2.25" system plenty quiet and obtain the performance you want out of it.

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from what i have been told the 2.25 is as good as you need for a std to mild motor i know i ran one on mine with a 260 motor it went really well had HM extractors then center muffler and rear muffler but it was loud 95.8 db sounded great when i was young and stupid no need for a stereo

Have since sold extractors to a guy who has them in a 260 with 2.25 system and it sounds good (think his mufflers are much better than the straight through ones i was running) its quite with a nice throaty growl when you accelerate.

Must say i was suprise by how quite my v8 was straight out of the extractors just run twin 2" off that to single muffler it quiter than any 6 but yiou know its an 8


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See this post


My dual exhaust system makes my Z the loudest I've ever heard coming in at 120DB to give you an idea on that take Mick's 95.8 db and for every 3 db you double the sound intensity.

It's great if your young and stupid like me ROFL . No but seriously it makes my car feel like a race car and the Carpark attendants hate it.

Bad things about it being this way is that it attracts attention from everyone young guy with a 4cylinder car.

I haven't had any trouble from the boys in blue but I like to think I'm a sensible driver and only flaunt it when it's for my amusement not for others.

One day I'll get caught but I have an interchangeable muffler that will make it way under legal limit.


And if you want the to go with 2 pipes do it they sound great and the Works style down the middle looks fantastic.

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thats loud gav my Rx4 only reads 113 db and thats loud one event i was in had a motorkhana at the airport afterwards a guy comes up ot me and says how do you make a car sound so sick he thought it was an ultra light taking off when i had my run but then the rotary was spining up to 9500 rpm nice open motorkhana ended up second to a wrx bet a heap of porsches and evo's and other wrx's

Must say i luv the rotary sound pisses so many people off.


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I've always loved the RX4's really wanted one for a while and almost got one after my first 240z.

A friend of mine had a Ke55 Corolla everyone used to think it was a rotor. My old 260z had no resonator and everyone always thought it was a rotor.

But they make a definate sound and you know it's a Rotor always reminds me of a Lawnmower on steroids.

I've never driven a rotor but what scared me about an RX4 was the maintenance on one. That and the fact that most RX4 Coupe's would have been thrashed to hell and back.

Oh I do like the R100 also but I think i'll always be a Z man.

Having owned a V8 and a Rotor does a rotor feel like it just doesn't have torque? I always imagine their small capacity to resemble a lack of torque but as I say never driven one.


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I luv the rotary for a play car its great parts are cheap have had current motor running for 4 years without a problem ( though have had 2 clutchs in that 4000 km) its pumping out 300 hp

as you suggest i miss the grunt of the v8 but you just have to get used to revving the $^!# out of it With the j port it just idles along under 3000 rpm then goes flat till 4000 rpm after that it goes like rocket making power all the way to 8500

with the v8 you can drop revs and still grunt out of the corners but with the rotary you have to keep those revs above 4500 all the time and be ready to change quick

Must say at the local track Symons plains im all over the v8s though corners then half way down the back straight there torque kicks in and they pull away (need lower diff ratio that will fix it)

Luv reving the rotary and pissing people off with its noise but the v8 great to cruise


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