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Parts for Sale: S30 JDM/Option footrest


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S30 JDM/Option footrest

OEM JDM/option footrest, NOT one of those reproductions that for me, don't look right.

Used, but restored by me. It was rusty, and flaky paint, and the feet were seized. Stripped and filed/sanded and powder coated in gloss black. The rubber/plastic foot grip is a reproduction, made by me, there is info on this in the group buy thread. It’s not perfect, there are rust depressions in the feet from sitting in wet footwells over the years, but it now has a great finish considering its age. Feet un-seized, but a little stiff, need some movement (best done mounted to car floor). Original fixing coach head bolts left in place as they were fine and original rivets.

If you are unfamiliar with the footrest, info can be found here; https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/63606-jdmoption-footrest-differences/

Price a little higher than I would like to sell for (like previous ones), as these footrests are getting a little more expensive to get hold of from Japan by the time brought, bidding fees and shipping. Probably the last one I will buy from Japan and restore.

$250 inclusive of shipping from UK worldwide, tracked.

Drop me a line if interested or want to know more....


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