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Parts Wanted: 240Z Rear Lower Control Arm


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240Z Rear Lower Control Arm

Need a Right Rear Lower control arm to fit a 73 240Z.  Mine got damaged trying to press out the old bushings.  See Pics attached.  Contact me here or at z3beemer@mail.com 

Thank you.

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    240 Z


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Two thoughts... FIrst, they used the same control arms on both sides of the car, so you don't have to look for a "right rear" arm... Any rear arm from either side will work. The later years will work as well, but there are some small (I believe non-functional differences). So unless you're looking for concourse correct for your year, then I believe any year will work*. 

Second, I've got the original arms off my 77. The PO did some damage to them when he pounded the old bushings out. Not nearly as bad as what happened to yours, but they're not pristine. They annoyed me enough that I replaced them when I redid all my suspension stuff. But if you get stuck, they're yours for the cost of shipping.


*The really early cars might be different as well, but I have no experience there. And with the cost of anything really early shooting up, it's unlikely you'll turn one of those up anyway.

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