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Help for "toyota truck" brake upgrade

Simon Wyatt

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Sorry, I know you people here have probably seen a lot of Toyota truck upgrade questions about brakes, my caliper on the drivers left side started leaking so i decided to take the chance to upgrade the brakes.  Can someone confirm these are the right ones before I order them https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/brakebest-brake-calipers/brakes/brake-hydraulics/brake-caliper/19450a0adab6/brakebest-brake-caliper-remanufactured/bbo1/19820/v/a/8113/automotive-truck-1982-toyota-pickup?pos=3
Thank you guys so much!

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If you are using the stock solid non-vented rotor, it looks to be the correct caliper.  If you are going with new vented rotors, you need the "W" version of the toyota calipers.  W = wide.

You just need to finesse the hard line to the new calipers brake line location.  Make sure the bleeders are at the top when mounted.  One caliper is left, the other right.

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