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Clutch hose to Clutch Slave Cylinder Issue


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I did try to search this, and realize this issue has been discussed from 6 to 16 years ago.  But I was hoping there might be some newer experiences that would help me.  I replaced my clutch hose, then attempted to bleed the clutch.  There was leakage where the clutch hose connects to the slave cylinder.  Based on the research, either there should be an inverted-nipple connection (I'm not sure I'm even allowed to say that anymore), which leaves a few threads exposed on the clutch hose, or there should be a copper crush washer, with the hose flange bottomed out against the washer and slave cylinder.  Unfortunately I managed to throw away the old hose, so I can't compare, but I'm fairly certain there was no crush washer.  This is the slave cylinder and new hose:


The new hose seems like it wants a nipple connection, but the slave cylinder won't accommodate.  Should I try a crush washer?  Neither the slave surface nor the hose flange are decently machined.

To clarify, this is also a new slave cylinder, but the old cylinder also did not have a nippled seat, but its surface was better machined than this new one.

Thanks in advance,




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