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Brake distribution switch woes


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Hi All,

Re: 1973 240Z

I've spent a bunch of dollars on new brake lines and brake related parts. The brake distribution switch under the master cylinder, one of the existing brake line fitting was cross threaded (either on install or extraction) in the inlet and the new brake line fitting will not thread. Tried to the clean up the threads with a tap, no go, fitting will not seat on the flare. So the brake distribution switch is trash.

Are there other options outside of searching for a used to brake distribution switch and refurb?

Any aftermarket unit (proportion valve) that can replace the stock BDS? Understand the brake distribution switch is not a proportioning valve, and yes, the proportioning valve installed on the firewall (73).

Need help with a plan B to the BDS. 

Thanks for the advise. 



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Thanks Heyitsrama,

Interesting you mentioned a 69 Roadster. restored and sold my 69 SRL in 2019, buyer in Belgium. So understand the difference between the parts. Here a pic of my cross treaded in-let. You can run the 10MM 1.0 top down to a point but the internal valve tip stops the tap from cleaning up two or three threads at bottom of the inlet.

Here's a pic of the BWS on my fender, also a pic of the Roadster :) 

Thanks for the info.   

Dist block.jpg

Roadster 64.jpg

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