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1977 280z random lost power


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I observe a weird problem.


Recently, I upgrade the headlights with dapperlighting OE7.  I'm using the input from the passenger side by tap in to the connector from the body to the passenger side headlight.  I also follow various guidelines to add 2 relay for high/low beams and only single fuse from the battery to the whole assembly.  The light is wayyyyyyyy brighter than the stock.  I feel much "safer" driving at night.  My eyes might play trick on me but the dash lights for the speedometer and tachometer actually brighter, I think.  They're LED.  The other gauges are still look dim.

That's the extend of the last work on the 1977 280z.

so, I exhibit a weird problem.

Every now and the, when I accelerate from stop light or even while on freeway cruising at 65MPH and if I want to speed up a bit to change lane or to feel lively, the acceleration stumped.  It is hard to explain, but let me try ... the feeling is as if somebody hit the car from behind.  Or the feeling as if you were just learning how to drive stick shift/standard and you let the clutch off too fast that you feel the jolt from the rear differential.  I notice the RPM steadily climbing, so I don't think the fuel injector dumping too much fuel or starving.  Also, the clutch is couple of thousand miles for about a year.   I don't see any oil leak from the transmission.  I guess  I can rule out clutch slippage.


Any idea is appreciated




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