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Anyone got a clearer photo of the retrobelt install guide?


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Hey guys, I just finished restoring my 240 and trying to reinstall my seatbelts but I threw my installation guide ages ago and only have the photo below which isn't very clear. Does anyone by any chance have a clearer shot of the guide? I tried getting it off Retro Belt but they weren't responsive.






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Well, for the hardware, post the bolt lengths you have. There shouldn't be much variation. As for bolt diameter, that should be obvious. It has to fit in the holes.

Here's a close up shot of one of the anchor points. You can see how I used washers to allow it to pivot.



You might see the small spacer I added to the top pivot. It keeps the pivot off of the trim.

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23 minutes ago, Jeff Berk said:

SteveJ: I like that belt wrapped around the seatbelt from the transmission hump. My car does not have this (yet).

I'm pretty sure it was a stock thing. It was in my 240Z from the time I purchased it.

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Oh yeah just realized I don't have the belt to hold up my seatbelt either. Trying to remember if I had it before the restoration process so I can dig it out but can't remember. I know my first 240z had it but didn't spend much time with my current z before I started the restoration 🤔. Gotta see if it's something I can get cuz would be very convenient.

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These should give you all the measurements you need to recreate one. 

Sorry for the washed off numbers on my cheap cutting board work surface. The last one at the bottom edge is 15



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