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What is this wheel style called??

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36 minutes ago, Shawninvancouver said:

one of my favorites..  whats it called and do they make an afert market one? 




American Libres I believe.....Zedyone had a knock off set.

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American Racing did the original Libre alloy mag wheel for the 240Z, they were 14" diameter and 5 1/2" wide. BRE/Interpart used to sell them. Shelby and a few other companies did knock off but originals have ARE on the inside face. I just bought a set recently and have seen them pop up for sale on a regular basis. BRE have had them remade and sell them in various sizes. https://www.bre2.net/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=B&Category_Code=bre_datsun_libre_wheels


BRE Z parts catalog 3_71.pdf

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I was mere millimetres from buying a set of these (and a front + rear spoiler) from BRE a couple of years ago. But after the third time and a month of chasing them for a fully posted quote, I eventually went cold.

VTO were very responsive with prompt replies. But by this point I had lost the impetus and found something else to throw money at. If I choose to go down this route again, I’d go with VTO and 15” to open up better tyre choices!

I’m sure BRE have been great to many in the past but my faith is shaken.

In my business we always say “time kills deals” and in this situation it was so true!!

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