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Alternate OEM door mirrors?

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I am in need of door mirrors for my '78 280Z.  I had old Vitaloni Tornados on my car, but both are now broken and they are very hard to come by.  The aftermarket ones all look wrong on a 280Z and none are at the right angles.  Has anyone found an OE mirror that is the right size and fits without too much modification?  

I was thinking maybe a Porsche 944 mirror, but they are pretty big.  What about Miata mirrors?  There has to be something out there that fits and looks good.

If not, what aftermarket mirrors work well?  The MSA bullet mirrors don't quite look right and all of the "sport" mirrors look wrong to me.  I need something that will either be tucked in tight, or will fold without changing the adjustment.  My car is now in my teeny tiny golf cart garage which only has a 69" wide opening.  The car squeezes through with less than 1-1/2" clearance per side to the fenders.

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That might actually work Cliff!  I still haven't come up with anything that will look good and fit in the golf cart garage.  I guess fitting in the garage is more important at this point.  🙂

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