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Help identifing a hole

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Been going through my engine for the last couple of months. I'm re installing it in the car and can't for the life of me remember if anything came out of this hole.   If so, would someone kindly re educate me.  It's roughly in the 11 o'clock position when facing the oil filter housing area.  Pictures on google show it not used but I could only find clear pictures of peoples engines on stands(not in car).  It's a 1982 F54.




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I searched the turbo forums and found that a knock sensor goes there?  I think that I read that the turbo blocks and N/A blocks are the same except for the turbos had an oil cooler and dish top pistons?  I don't remember pulling anything out of there but the block was at a machine shop for hot tanking and honing.  Maybe it's on his shop floor.


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