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2 Wires on 73 240 ignition not on replacement


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I was replacing the Ignition switch on my 73 to 240Z  There are 2 wires dangling from the original with no place to go on the new one.  What are these wires and what do I need to do with them please and thank you.


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Welcome to the forum!

Is that hot glue on whatever its connected to? We really like photos on this forum. Photos that are a bit clearer will be helpful, and are ones that we prefer. We also like photos of shiny stuff. 🤤 

That might be what is labeled on the wiring diagram on the factory service manual section BE-5 as a "Rheostat". See that knob in on the right? Whats that connected to? It should be to dim the interior lights.

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The newer ignition switches had a little set of contacts inside that would activate a beeper if you left the ignition key in the slot. They called it an "anti-theft" feature and I'm assuming that it was a reminder to not leave the keys in the ignition switch when you left the car (like anyone does that anymore...).

The earlier cars did not have that feature and the little beeper switch was not present inside the ignition switch.

So I don't know what year you're working on, but the wires in question are related to that feature.

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