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Dome Light Repair


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Has anyone repaired a domelight? I have 2 of them in pieces, the arm that holds the switch together snapped off, perhaps a more modern push button switch can be installed into the same position? I lost the spring that is used in the OEM switch, it must have walked off my desk at some point 😞 One of the metal tracks looks like it heated up real good, the plastic looks melted where it contacts the strip 



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@Captain Obvious I was just looking for `push toggle switch on-off`  and this came up. The problem is trying to filter out all the round style ones, or the ones that have the solder leads in the wrong spot. I ordered the ebay weather proof ones because of the cost and it was pretty close to what i was looking for.

I agree with you about the weather proofing, its totally not required for this. We shall see in a couple days i suppose, otherwise back to searching...

There are no stores around me that carry these kinds of electronic products, there used to be one in Berkley California but it closed recently. https://www.berkeleyside.com/2020/12/03/lashers-electronics-berkeley-business-closing-covid-19-coronavirus



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Negative on the plastic lens, i had to find mine online, i bought one ( and it was broken) They tend to deteriorate in the heat, so you might be better off getting a (newer one) I want to refurbish this one, its a bit yellowed like  old video game consoles. The price on these parts has been ~30 for just the plastic lens and $100 for the whole assembly...

Might be able to 3d print them if i can find a white transparent ABS material.


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@Captain ObviousIt looks like the LED you went with is back in stock


Similar part # but described as 38mm.


Any chance we can get those pictures that rotted off photobucket?

Did you change the map light as well? figure might as well fix it all once.

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23 minutes ago, Roberts280Z said:

OK, thanks all.  The last I looked, I don't think the lens alone was available, so I was prepared for the LED $100 replacement.




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