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Jdm exhaust muffler


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Hey guys,

new here. I did a search and still no positive answers, hopefully you can help me out.

I have a stock USDM 73 Datsun 240Z and want a Fujitsubo Super EX header/ Legalis-R muffler. Problem is no one on this side or the other side of the pond can figure out if there will be fitment issues. I understand that the header might not work because of the steering rack, but will the muffler work? I have contacted Fujitsubo japan and also many other tuners and no one knows the answer. And maybe someone came across a selection  exhaust for 6.7 powerstroke share your experience please

One tuner did suggest that since it was built back in the 70's that there were no emissions and that should mean that there should be no difference in the mufflers. Thanks

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Not exactly the same parts, but I installed a Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust and Trust GReddy JDM Exhaust Headers on my 70 240z with R180 diff. Purchased everything from Whitehead Performance in Canada.  They are a speed shop and know 240Z's well.  Good Luck with your upgrades. Nate

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Hi Sean,

I found Whitehead quite responsive using their email address: whiteheadperformance@gmail.com

In addition to exhaust parts, I purchased JDM R180 with 3.90 gears and a transmission mount.  Very pleased with their products.


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