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Fuel Pump Upgrade?

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Whats a good fuel pump to get for a straight 6 making about 450-500 Crank. OR what are they using for the chevy upgrades. I Tried a search but I keep getting posts where Fuel Pump is listed in Mods, not what kind, just "fuel pump" or someone randomly says they have to install thiers or something. Just need some good places to shop. Im Fairly new to the Z thing, im putting a 7mgte in a 72 240.

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uh, 7mgte is most definatly a turbocharged fuel injected motor. comes from the third generation Supra Turbos, I dont need a surge tank, I just need a good pump, and a new pick up, ill run earl's line to the Rail. All I need to know, is what Fuel pump guys are putting on, need a make and model, Do they use a holley, a walbro, internal or external, what Lph reading.. etc...

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go to summitracing.com and check out the msd pump that they have there. seems to be a decent pump for the price.

they also have others that are there as well.

if you plan on putting power to the car i would suggest you go to www.Zcar.com and do a search for author jeffp

once you find one of his posts, get his email and talk to him

he currently has a stroked L28ET putting over 450 to the ground, im sure he could help you out with fuel needs.

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