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  1. Been looking but its hard to get a good answer. so lets go from here. I have a Z completely stripped of its interior, no carpet, no seats, no inner door panel, no nothing. What are some good things to do to sound/weather deaden the car. Someone on the Ga Z club said there is some stuff you can buy at napa, sounded like black stuff you cut to shapes then adhere on with a heat gun. What do you guys use to make the car sound more solid, and be a little more resistant to cold weather seeping in the thin metal floor boards? im having my doors redone right now so that the windows open/close easie
  2. or if they are all different than any information leading to any of them would be good, i have 11inch wide wheels and i need something to go over them, ive been looking at the 280yz rear flares because they most look like the ones i first posted but i think the ones i first posted are different.
  3. and the second one i posted here... http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7547
  4. and here.. except maybe this one and the silver car have a bit smaller versions.. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=3241
  5. i eman here http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showgallery.php?thumb=1&stype=2&si=IM4A2Z&cat=500&sort=1
  6. ok, really, i cant find these flares anywhere and ive seen them on a few cars on this website. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopo...&cat=500&sort=1 They are also on the silver car with the 17inch ccw's that gets posted all the time, as well as the guy who has the sr20det and the r33 wheels .... Anyone know where to get them???
  7. so I guess the answer to my question is, at lower power levels 200rwhp the stockers work as long as they are correctly maintained, but if time and money is available, go ahead and do the upgrade just cuz..
  8. cuz it would be a lot easier to run an electric that fits better.
  9. uh, 7mgte is most definatly a turbocharged fuel injected motor. comes from the third generation Supra Turbos, I dont need a surge tank, I just need a good pump, and a new pick up, ill run earl's line to the Rail. All I need to know, is what Fuel pump guys are putting on, need a make and model, Do they use a holley, a walbro, internal or external, what Lph reading.. etc...
  10. Just need a quick answer and Ill delete this thread so it doesnt take up space. At what power level are 280zxt rear half shafts needed on a 240z?
  11. Whats a good fuel pump to get for a straight 6 making about 450-500 Crank. OR what are they using for the chevy upgrades. I Tried a search but I keep getting posts where Fuel Pump is listed in Mods, not what kind, just "fuel pump" or someone randomly says they have to install thiers or something. Just need some good places to shop. Im Fairly new to the Z thing, im putting a 7mgte in a 72 240.
  12. on this car as well.. i posted this car awhile ago, well.. lots of people have posted it, but I never asked about the flares..
  13. saw these. i think they are the big MSA ones, but i want to be sure.
  14. e-mail me so we can talk, Majik16106@yahoo.com VERY interested.
  15. ah i see, hard to pick up sarcasm over the internet, Ricer.. no, not in the states, i know it might look like it, but CCW wheels are race wheels, extremely light weight, a favorite for road racers and autocrossers here(dont know if your aware of that) They are custom made per application, made to order. that car either is supposed to look like it does more than just sit around, or it actually does a lot more than just sit around, dont know, dont know who owns it. You obviously are more into keeping it original, thats cool. You must really hate all the hybrid swaps.
  16. why dont you like the wheels? i thought you didnt like the flares.
  17. I dont know, sometimes i like crazy, sometimes i like original, but almost never right inbetween, this car has a little of both, and i really liked it.
  18. here... http://s-garage.hp.infoseek.co.jp/
  19. If you know what car can anyone tell me exactly what size offset and tire he is running? I know they are CCW wheels, but they are made custom, so i was wondering what he did. Im not good at tire sizing, and i dont wanna sit around with a tape measure to figure it out.
  20. I asked at HybridZ, maybe someone will know here, anybody know where to get Spirit Garage stuff, im really interested in their race body kit and CF hood, but they make some other cool stuff.Pic Below
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