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Oil Consumption

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just thought I would note this and see how others are doing

I wipe the dip stick, insert then pull out, then wipe the bottom and sides of the dip stick after drawing out to mark on the card. H and L are the top and bottom of the hatch marks, mileage is noted on the bottom. I started above H with a new Nissan filter and 5 Qts of 20w50 VR1. My goal is oil and filter every 3k (or 6 months if that comes 1st) but looks like will be adding 1 Qrt pretty soon. The engine has I think 110k (could be more of course but I suspect this is correct based on overall wear). Plug insulators look fine, I get some black carbon build up on the edges, fairly dry. I have no external oil leaks, no oil in the radiator. I drive very conservatively (2.5k to 3.5k rpm) last check of compression was about 160psi +- 5psi across the board. IIRC the bottom of the hatch marks puts you at 1 quart low. The oil pan slopes so I suspect the readings on the dip stick will be non linear to usage.



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10 minutes ago, 7tooZ said:

Is this a warm or cold engine?

dip stick readings are done cold, and at the same location, a garage on a level floor. I like to allow time for the oil to drain back from the top of the head.


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3 hours ago, Reptoid Overlords said:

I have a bit more than usual oil consumption due to my deleted and blocked off BCDD.  But, I'm going to guess yours is intact.

yes all the OE emission controls are intact and functional.

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