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Pumpkin Spice Edition Gold for Zup

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Last weekend, a group of Z enthusiasts gathered in Branson MO for the 1st annual fall Pumpkin Spice Edition of Branson Z Fest.

The gathering began Wednesday and ended on Sunday.


During the festivities, on Saturday, there was a judged car show.  Judges included myself, Scott McElroy, and head judge on loan from Capitol Z Club in Texas, Mike W.

With the judging complete, Mike W took over the closing ceremony, and limited edition T shirt awards were handed out to some special cars and people.  Big thanks to Chris Carl of the ZCCA and Josh Lyman of the Ozark Z Club for assisting with the introductions.

However, a very special award was given to a member of the NW Arkansas Z Car Club to honor the memory of Mr Yoshihiko Matsuo.   Jim Daniels - Zup was the first recipient of this award.   Congratulations Jim!    No one in the club deserved it more.


With the conclusion of the T shirt competition awards,  Mike W announced that one car had scored exceptionally well in the first round of judging and had advanced to a second round of judging.  With great fanfare & drama, Mike announced that with a score of 295 ....  Zup's stunning and true to originality 73 240z was awarded the Gold Medallion Trophy & Plaque by the NW Arkansas Z Car Club,  retiring the car from Pumpkin Spice competition.

What a great moment!   Really big congratulations Jim!!




Jim & Walt feeling the heat of competition....

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Because I care.  It's still out there.  Don't get used to it.  It just takes one guy who thinks his cough is no big deal.

Seriously, sorry to be a downer.  But those pictures make me cringe.  Outbreak imminent.

https://covidactnow.org/us/missouri-mo?s=1202293  Here's a better graphic.



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