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A Familiar Tale of Woe

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RE: '77 280Z

Situation: A pristine distributor (D6F4-03) and a dead vacuum module (22301-N4200) .


- It's a street driver; no vacuum advance is not a viable option.

After reading every post with "distributor" and "vacuum advance" module in it, I have come to accept that I am in a very deep, dark hole with nary a ladder in sight.

Thus, I would pose the following questions to this august body:

- Anyone have an appropriate and operational vacuum module for sale?

- Anyone know of a module that could be modified to fit the distributor?

- Anyone have a phone number for a Breaker that could provide a working module, even if it is attached to a junk distributor?

- Anyone know of a commercially available distributor (with advance module) that can be made to work on the stock engine?

- Anyone have any sympathetic advice?

My thanks for your considerations.



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2 hours ago, EuroDat said:

You could try one of these. It replaces the N4700 which is the Californian variant of the N4200


Standard VC-351 aftermarket versin for the 1977-78 280Z 280ZX en 810.

No longer in stock nor will they be stocking it. Was told it is NLA

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1 hour ago, siteunseen said:

I was going to suggest a ZX e12-80 like I put on my '77

I also have the e12-80 on my '77 that I found at a junk yard about 3yrs ago, IIRC. But my ignition module was going south was my reason for installing it.

I just spent some time on the internet and can't locate a vacuum advance can at all! Can't even offer any advise at this point. 

I wish you all the luck ensys. 

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Well Mr.Dat:

Thanks for the link; no love, but BINGO just the same.  I now know that it is the Standard Motor vac module that Cardone always shows with their unobtanium distributor bodies.

It was this very issue that prompted me to call the folks at Cardone the other day, seeking some way to obtain one of those obviously new units, so prominently displayed in all their cut fotos.

This event was also illuminating, if you count "in a disappointing light". A two parter, it began with the "Tech" staff, that collectively claimed that Cardone "made" the piece, and no, it was not available to the public under any circumstances, presumably because of Proprietary interests.

I was subsequently transferred to the "R and R" Dept., and a conversation that revealed that Cardone don't make no stinkin' VA modules, but he could/would not reveal their origins. He asserted that all the work is done in Mexico and the Home Office wasn't really interested in where they got the parts, and besides, the Contractor wasn't inclined to offer the information anyway. He volunteered that he believed that these days, they're using "pre-owned" stock for this purpose. Given what I know now about the Standard product, I have no reason to doubt him.

Finally, as reason would suggest, that "send us your dist. and we will re-build it for you" stuff is, in fact, the Old Switcheroo turn-around, so there is little incentive to provide something you would like to keep. No wonder one occasionally gets a disclaimer about the "fit and finish" of the "rebuilt" product from a responsible dealer.

I know it was naive to think anything else was the case, but desperation led me to try a bank shot: I'd pay full price if they would leave the dist. alone and just attach a module. Of course, I was rebuffed, tho he did opine that if I really wanted to get my own dist. back it would "probably cost 2 or 3 times the normal charge and there would be no predicting the turn-around time". Sigh.

I wonder if there is a toll-free to someone interesting at Standard Motors....

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