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Parts for Sale: 1969-1971 240Z reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors


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1969-1971 240Z reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors

Since these clear vinyl seat protectors are no longer available from Nissan, nor are reproductions available from existing fabricators, I sourced a large quantity of clear vinyl material to fabricate reproductions.  These are for the 1969-1971 seats that do not have the recline mechanism.

Set of eight (8) as shown in photo, (plus close-up photo) 

Material is same gauge/thickness as original

Photos show:

Set of four (4) original, aged and yellowed clear vinyl seat protectors and set of four (4) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors.

Clear vinyl seat protector 0.jpg.

Set of eight (8) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors - what you would receive upon ordering.

Clear vinyl seat protector 1.jpg

Clear vinyl seat protector 2.jpg

The pricing is $39.00 shipped to a CONUS address. Shipping will be via FedEx Express Saver, insured, with tracking.

If you are interested in a set, please PM me your full name, mailing address and Paypal address. I will then send you an invoice. 

Note, these are time consuming to produce.  Therefore, I  will only send the invoice when the set is available for shipment, production timefame as noted below




Note: The last time I offered these was January 2019. So if you plan on needing a set before 2021 please order now.


Orders accepted in the first available production timeframe


Maximum sets available with 1 week production timeframe - 5 sets (Sold out)


Don P - 08/13/20 delivered 08/20/20 - 1 set

Christopher W - 08/13/20 delivered 08/21/20 - 2 sets

Hank M - 08/13/20 delivered 08/20/20 - 2 sets (thru Facebook)


Maximum sets available with 4 week production timeframe - 3 sets


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