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Looking for 280ZX windshield dimension


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Hoping one of you kind folks has a 280zx, any year (79-83), within reach that can measure a 280 ZX windshield for me.

I "Acquired" a new windshield that we thought was S30, but clearly (hahaha) it is not, as the gasket was too short. The shape is right, just not the dimensions. Mostly it's too tall. Thinking it's for ZX then.

The labeling in the corner I think is missing some info. The second last line seems to have some dots that may be the remnant of the actual part numbers.

See it below. I don't see the usual part numbers I'm expecting.

If any of you can measure the length along the top, bottom and sides, I can compare to what I have and see if its close.




Yes, its functioning quite well as a green house...

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I just put one in 2 weeks ago.. i recall to measure a 131 cm inside from widest (lower) corners, measured from the inside..  not sure..  at the moment i have none reserve so can't measure one for you.. (exact..  if no one else reacts send me a pm and i measure the screen in my car from the outside square left up to low right.)

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