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Nissan Z: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance

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17 hours ago, HS30-H said:

Kaishinsha (快進社)

Whether Kaishinsha is spelt in Datsun 240z Engineering and delopment correct is the least of the books concern, it can't even spell in English, Silvia and Sylvia and Toytoa 2000. Also missing the GT bit, let alone spelt wrong.

In that chapter /subheading, it talks about "sports cars in Japan after World War 2", yet no mention of the sp311, then straight into the SLR311 (should be SRL311) and as the sub heading is ...cars in Japan, surely it should be talking about the JDM model (the SR311), not the export one.. Was the SLR311 used at a test-ride even for the general public at Tochigi plant, more than likely the SR311 was used. The SRL311 didn't develop 145hp unless you went with the option pack ( USA).

As Alan says, the version is bowdlerised, and this looks like the result covering the A550X, as what is written is very much trunkated. For start, Yamaha didn't produce the fibreglass body, theirs was in steel. The fibreglass body was made by GK Design (KOIKE Iwataro).

I don't know where and how the mistakes were made, but its poor in the two or three pages as examples. I wish I could read 'Fairlady Z Development Chronicle' instead of the English version. (well I haven't read it, as the mistakes put me off).


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